Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 36 Update

Just had my week 36 check up today and everything looks like it's right on track. Still bummed that we don't get any more ultrasounds. I'm so curious to see how much she's changed. Last ultrasound we got was our 18 week checkup where they measured her head, legs and arms, and made sure all her organs were okay (and we found out we were for sure having a girl). I'm sure she looks so much different than this now:

Whoa! I hope she grows into those lips! I have no idea where those came from.

Anyways...I'm measuring perfectly at 36cm's and she's face down right now so the nurse said there really isn't anyway she can justify ordering another ultrasound. Boo. I guess I should be happy that there isn't a need to order one since everything is normal and perfect so far. Everything has gone so smoothly, it really scares me what labor will be like :\

What I'm craving this week: Strawberries...I've ate about 3 lbs of 'em in two weeks.

Everything is pretty much washed and all of the pictures are hung in her nursery...just need to finish packing my hospital bag. Thursday will be our last week of childbirth 101 class...3 weeks to go! :)


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