Friday, June 22, 2012

Scarlett's Favorite Things - 8 Months

Scarlett definitely favors some toys over others. Most of the time she just wants to play with my iPhone, our dvd cases or the TV remote, but she does have some favorite toys of hers. Here's what she's into lately...

1. The Cloud B Twilight Ladybug. It's supposed to be a night light, but she loves seeing the different colored lit up stars. The cat goes nuts over this one.

2. The Little Mommy Hide & Peek doll. This doll is kinda creepy. It has a switch in the back where you can turn her on and off. I always forget to turn it off, switch on the light and she says something like "i love you mommy". Scares the crap out of me. She loves it. Smiles ear to ear whenever I turn the swich on. 

3. The Raz-Berry Teether. We have a teething 8 month old with still no teeth :( This helps some.

4. Stacking Cups. We got these stacking cups at Toys R Us one day on clearance. I think they were $3. She loves it when we stack them like a tower so she can knock it down.

5. This girl loves her some Elmo.

6. The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. The front piece comes off from the walker, that's what stage we're at right now. She loves opening and closing the creaky barn door and pulling the phone off. This actually broke on Monday so Grandma's taking it back to Target to get her a new one.

7. TY Beanie Ballz - Dots the Ladybug. She loooooves this thing. Her favorite thing is pulling at it's little antennae poof balls.