Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Number Wedding Invite Anniversary Cards

In honor of our anniversary that was yesterday, I tried to think of a cute and clever anniversary card idea for Jeff. I hate shopping for cards. They're always so impersonal and ugly and EXPENSIVE. $5 for an ugly card? No thanks. If i'm going to buy a card it has to have a pretty design on it or letterpress and I don't get much time to just dash on over to a specialty card shop or paper source. So that meant I needed to make one, and quick. I waited 'till one day before our anniversary and I was watching Scarlett all day so that meant I had about an hour, while she was napping. We have tons of invites left over from our wedding so I thought I could cut a two out of it and tape it on some cardstock...20 min...and done! I thought it came out pretty good. You could use this for any anniversary!

All I did was print out a number "2" from Adobe Illustrator to fit a 5x7 card (with some room for borders), traced the number onto the invite, then cut it out and taped it onto the cardstock. Then I finished it with a brown envelope from paper source. Easy!


  1. That turned out super spiffy! Now you could turn around and sell those for $5... ;-) Move over, Hallmark, here comes Kristin.