Tuesday, February 14, 2012

4 Months Old

Where has this month gone? Seriously, I look at those pictures in the last post of Scarlett and she looks so tiny! We don't even cradle her in our arms anymore. She sits on my hip and we hold her like a big girl 'cause she can totally hold her own head up now. Tuesday was my first day back at work. Probably had to have been one of the hardest days since she's been born. My mom is watching her Tuesdays and Fridays and we have a nanny that comes over to watch her on Wednesdays and Thursdays and I watch her on Monday so it hasn't been terrible since I know she's in good hands at home. But it's still hard to be away from her four days in a row for 9 hour stretches. I feel like when I get home there's only a few hours to enjoy her and then she goes to bed :( I've heard it gets better...I hope it does...but of course I'll always miss her.

I wanted to do a 3 month old post of the stuff she's into right now, but I totally missed that one :( So...we'll do a 3-4 month one...

Right now you love standing on your feet while I hold you up, you're such a strong little girl. You get distracted so easily by the TV when we're feeding you that sometimes I have to turn it off just to get you to finish your bottle. You've been enjoying sitting in your Bumbo chair more and more now that you can hold your head up (I'm not sure how much longer you'll be able to sit in it, your legs are getting chunkier by the minute :) You love your baths. You kick the water and try and kick your rubber ducky. You never ever cry when it's bath time. I'm guessing you're about 13lbs right now, you can barely fit into your 3 month clothes anymore and are now wearing your 3-6 month clothes. Grandma taught you how to blow bubbles and now that's all you do. 

I've started to notice a big change in your temperament. You used to be fussy and now you're so content (most of the time). You're starting to get the hang of grabbing things and today you successfully grabbed your bottle, and fed yourself (for just a few minutes). You hate your swing, but you love your jumparoo. You go crazy in that thing and your smiles are so big.

I love you baby girl! You are the best thing that has happened to me and you make my days so much brighter. I can't wait to see what new things each month brings us.


  1. GUSH! She is just too cute!! I can't tell who I think she looks more like, you or Jeff.

  2. A lot of my family says she looks like me when I was a baby, but we hear that she looks like a combo of both. I do see a little of Jeff in her, but she is pale like me and her hair is red too. Oh! and I meant to tell you we found brioche rolls at the farmers market at the orange circle on saturday. yum!

  3. I definitely see you in her but I think I'm in the combo camp because I feel like I see some Jeff in her too. But you're right, it's a majority of you. :D OOOoooo, nicee you found the brioche rolls! Sweet!